ABOUT Pashtana

Hello Everyone,
I’m so excited to finally share my new webshop with you! But let me first introduce myself to you.

My name is Ramziya Rahmani and I am originally from Afghanistan. At a young age I moved to the Netherlands, where I have grown up and now I call it my home. Because of my background and family ties, I have always stayed closely connected to Afghanistan and in the recent years I have visited my homeland regularly. I also did some volunteering work for Shelter Now International in the western part of the country. (Herat- Afghanistan)

During my time in Afghanistan I got to know the country even better. I feel like Afghanistan is not depicted in a positive way in the media, mainly because of the war. This is why I want to show the beautiful side of the country, its people and the rich culture. I hope to do so through the traditional clothing, jewelry and more .

The aim of this Webshop is to build a bridge between the Netherlands/Europe and Afghanistan by maintaining contact with the people there and by helping the local tailors.

By sharing the Afghan beauty’s, I hope to make life more beautiful both here and over there.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question about this project, orders and webshop.

I wish you a lot of pleasure while visiting this webshop.
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